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The Complete Guide to Tinima

Vendor Badges

Wondering about those icons that appear next the artist's name? That's, or those, are called "badges". We award them to our artists/sellers when they stand out because of their abilities. They also help our clients understand the artist's specific reliabilities for quality.

Trusted Seller Hot New Artist
Requirements: Be new and popular
Trusted Seller Trusted Seller
Requirements: Make at least 5 purchases over $20
Trusted Seller Top Seller
Requirements: Become part of the top 100 sellers
Trusted Seller Featured Artist
Requirements: Be featured on the home page of Tinima.com
Trusted Seller Old Timer
Requirements: Sell on Tinima for at least a year
Trusted Seller Top Rated
Requirements: Have at least 50% of all products with 5 star ratings

Optional Badges

If you are an artist/seller on Tinima, when your total earnings reach over $500 you'll be able to choose an extra optional badge. Just for fanciness.
Trusted Seller Male
This artist is male
Trusted Seller Female
This artist is female
Trusted Seller Nuclear Alert!
This artist is NUCLEAR!
Trusted Seller Photographer
This artist is also a photographer!
Trusted Seller Magic Believer
This artist believes in Magic
Trusted Seller Linux User
This artist is proud to use Linux
Trusted Seller Mac User
This artist is a Mac OS user
Trusted Seller Windows User
This artist runs on Windows