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The Complete Guide to Tinima

How to Sell More

Truth is selling online is hard work, but with the right mind and talent you could become a top-seller.

What to Expect
Know your market. Everything really depends on the kind of products or types of models that you sell and how you present them to your customers.

But one of the biggest questions is ''How much can I really make on this thing?''. Well you want facts? We have people making (on avg.) as little as 5 bucks a month, and people making as much as $2,000. Originally designed to work as side money some people can actually make a living here. How? First I'll explain to you everything that the guy earning 2K a month is doing.

The following advice applies to 3D models and marketing in general:
  • Make it Look Good
    Just like the way Cool gadgets only look good on TV, your products have to look good too. But we're not encouraging people to make scams as they're only gonna get their products returned. The model has to be good too.

    Make at least 7 renders (makes a row) and choose the best looking angles. Also important views such as top, left, right, back, etc. Try making the renders as realistic as possible as this will help the buyer pre-viz his/her work.

  • Be Unique
    If everyone's making cars, does it really seem smart to join the bunch? Now, unless you already have dozens of them, or you made a specifically RARE car model, it wouldn't be smart. Find an empty category, populate it, dominate the market, and you'll have a monopoly in your hands

  • Don't be Cheap
    Just like in the Little Prince ''Adults only Value Numbers'', people would value your products more if you didn't give it all away for so little. It's fact. But don't sky-rocket your prices just yet, they just have to be slightly lower then everyone else. You'll have to study your own particular market. If everyone is selling airplanes for $192 sell yours for $182 or $172.

  • Provide Multiple Formats
    Even though we do provide a 3D Model conversion service for our customers people are MUCH more satisfied when they can buy a model now and get it into their production instantaneously, without the hassles.

    We recommend uploading in the Autodesk FBX format, a universally accepted advanced 3D format that includes Mesh, UV Mapping, Embedded Textures, Animation, and even basic Rigs. And your product will show up more in the search engine when people filter out models per compatibility as it's compatible with 3ds Max, Autodesk Maya, Autodesk Softimage, Cinema 4D, Houdini, Lightwave and many others.

  • Live up to Your Descriptions
    Live up to Your Descriptions and renders. Don't try to sell something you don't have. Don't disappoint your customers' expectations and they'll be comming back to you for more.

  • Be the Best
    Most importantly, you have to be good to provide high-quality content. Upgrade your software, download a couple of tutorials, get better, be the best, and remember ''if you put your mind to it you can accomplish anything'' ;)