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Privacy Policy

As of March, 2021:

Thank You for visiting Tinima.com. This is our privacy policy concerning the use of information practices between You ("User") and us ("Tinima"). We understand that to our visitors, privacy is very important so our web site is designed to collect as minimal personal information as possible. Safe information, such as the IP address that user's browser sends upon visiting, provide no personally-identifiable information and all web sites save them automatically in some sort of log. By visiting (accessing VIA http or ftp) and interacting with this web site (http://www.tinima.com) YOU ("User") MUST AGREE with this policy otherwise DO NOT VISIT THIS SITE.


  • Personal Information

    Information that the User voluntarily submits (such as in a registration or payment form) is protected with state-of-the-art storage mechanisms both physically and electronically. We do NOT share this information.

  • Personal Email

    We know that sharing your email with a web site is always a risk move which is why we have made it so you don't need to give us your email during registration. However, if the user subscribes to any sort of newsletter, email will be necessary. Still, when an email address is given to us we do NOT share this type of information with other companies. This information is safelly encrypted into our database and protected with a password. Tinima may use the email provided to send usefull information to the User such as service and product offers.

  • IP Address

    The User's IP address is stored automatically in order to make demogaraphic studies. This information cannot be used to personally identify the User or the user's specific computer (or the device by which the user visits the site) unless if it is public IP but the User's internet service provider can always be discovered through the IP address. An IP address may also contain information related to the user's geographical location, however this information is rarely accurate and can have an margin error range of up to a couple of miles. Tinima does NOT share this information.


Cookies are text files stored by web sites on to the device by which the user visits the site. As text, cookies are not executable. Because they are not executed, they cannot replicate themselves and are not viruses. Cookies usually contain information about the User's account in order to save time and login automatically. This information is only accessible for Tinima. Cookies are sometimes necessary for even just one login session.

To turn on cookies in Internet Explorer (Windows):
1. Under The "Tools" menu select "Options"
2. Select the "Privacy" tab
3. Move the slide down to "Accept All cookies"

To turn on cookies in Safari (Mac):
1. In Finder, Under the "Edit" menu, select "Preferences..."
2. Select "Security" icon
3. Make sure either items "Allways" or "Only from sites you navigate to" are selected.


Tinima is not targeted for children under the age of 13 and we do not knowingly collect identifiable information from any child under such age. If information is discovered form such age we shall delete it immediately.


Tinima may monitor, edit, or remove any User's account for any purpose and without notice though only if the user fails to comply with the terms set forth in the Terms & Conditions page.


Tinima may change this policy periodically at its sole discretion. User's continued use of this web site constitutes acceptance of the policy stated at the time of use.